Community Involvement

Dr. Miller has been involved in the community 30+ years.

Commitment to Excellence Award

A $2,000 Cash Quincy High School and Quincy Notre Dame Award given to recognize the individual who became 100% committed to better improve themselves during their senior year. This award is made available to both Quincy Senior High and Quincy Notre Dame Schools.

Local Sponsorships

  • Yearbooks
  • Sporting Events
  • Performing Arts
  • School Musicals
  • Boy Scouts
  • Orthodontic Clinic Field Trips to local 3rd graders Parochial, Public, and Private schools.

Halloween Candy Buy Back

This is a fun way to celebrate Halloween, while at the same time helping the children avoid injury to their teeth. Dr. Miller’s office buys back candy from the children at 2.00 per pound; $1.00 goes to the child and $1.00 is donated to Baldwin School for various projects. The candy is then donated to Operation Gratitude and the United States Military members who receive care packages to the brave men and women deployed overseas in harsh and remote areas; to their children anxiously awaiting their return; and to Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and First Responders.


We try to implement Biblical Principles throughout our orthodontic clinic.

Our practice is 100% Committed to Excellence. Effort = Results!